There is something about Marina.

Hello and welcome to my website about ME!
The idea seemed a bit pretentious, but as people started asking me what I do – this is an easy central point to explain.

My background is mainly in childcare – working as a nanny for over 25 years. Throughout that time I have also run my own businesses, worked for others and continued to juggled a rabble of kids. 17 years ago, hubby Pete and I started adding our own to the mix.

Four crazy kids, two dogs, a flock of chooks and a jungle python thrown in for good measure keep life interesting.

Dog Beach

I live on the fabulous Sunshine Coast and will probably stay here for the rest of my life. It’s become home for this ‘blow in’ from the southern states.
We have great schools and opportunities for our kids and I am spoilt rotten for choice of how I spend my day.

Coolum Beach

After living in both the city and the country – our new home gives us the best of both worlds.

Growing up in the Western Suburbs of Sydney, I had big plans of being a textile designer – but circumstances landed me in retail, selling sewing machines. I loved it.
Teaching sewing, managing sales and all those fascinating haberdashery stands. Life was bliss until I fell into a nanny job.

That was it for the next 25 years.
A job interview out of curiousity on Saturday had me playing with a two and a half year old and her four year old sister on the Monday!

I’ve hardly left the sandpit ever since.

Since then I’ve found myself working in all facets of the nanny industry, home based care, family day care, vacation care and managing a creche in a women’s gym.

12 years later when I had my own children (thinking I’d better get a ‘real job’) I started a boutique nanny placement service where I began to lobby for the nanny sector. The service morphed into a nanny resource service (TACON) that ran for 9 years.

TACON Banner150

Amongst my own businesses, I worked for many home based business mums where I often worked along side them in the business as well as caring for their children. When we moved to QLD I thought I’d take a break from work to enjoy the toddler years of our littlest and settle our family into our new life. That lasted all of three weeks when an offer to work from home selling advertising came forward.

I felt spoilt rotten. A fabulous boss to work for, a legitimate reason to check out children’s stores and services –
Life was so very good for my family, but some of the stories from the people I was selling advertising to, really touched my heart.


So many businesses had invested in advertising with little results and many I spoke to were in dire straits. I started to spend more time talking with owners about low and no cost promotions, offering suggestions about how they could move their stock or fill their diaries so they could take the next step to invest wisely in our advertising.

One winters evening I wrote a quick guide for a niche forum and was overwhelmed with the response. Kidz Bizz development was born.

I began helping business owners get themselves (pricing, strategies and marketing) sorted in the evenings.
My phone kept ringing with parents needing support for their children, so I had the best of both worlds being able to follow both of my passions – caring for kids and helping mums build flexible businesses.

Now with our youngest at school I had more spare time, I wanted to return to working closely with families too.

So I put some cards around to promote Happy House Fairies, which was designed to help families get their homes organised.

I loved it as I have an organising mind and knew intimately how¬†families¬†function at their best, so I shared my systems and strategies I’d implemented with mine and many other families to keep the kiddie chaos at bay.

The changes that streamlining family routines brings is extraordinary for some, when things in your home have a place and get returned there, the stress and angst in the family home just floats out the window. It has no one to attach to as things just run smoothly and my favourite part is that families start to enjoy being together.

But quietly in the background the nanny industry kept calling and the feedback from families I worked with highlighted the lack of information available regarding childcare choices and lack of support for both nannies and parents.
This realisation has brought me full circle back to the sandpit. So I put together our first nanny magazine which was well received in our little corner of the world. There is a to do list a mile long to keep me well occupied up to retirement with the various levels of the business! More magazines, organisers, agency job listings and so much more.


Business mums have not been forgotten, as I still received phone calls and emails from those needing help – to assist them,
I formalised the process I would take clients through and created a cost effective simple system for business owners to put their promotions on autopilot.
This system frees up their time, ensures they get the most from their marketing investments and it creates a long term marketing plan that encompasses many levels of promotions. The result was My Marketing Diary.

Over the coming months all the little businesses will be streamlined and have their own projects blossoming. I love that we live in a world where we can follow our passions and make things happen. In addition to the businesses, I also help my clients to create programs for their customers and clients. I love the online world and the opportunities it presents to us.
So that’s about it. When I’m not working on my businesses with my fabulous team of helpers, you’ll find me at my kids school playing on computers or listening to kids read – or – out enjoying the sunshine coast lifestyle.

That’s what we all seem to be striving for isn’t it?
The ultimate in flexibility to spend quality time with our families, financial security and rewarding work.
That’s me – totally spoilt and loving it.

Feels Good To Get SOme Stuff Done