Nannies are a brilliant option for many families who seek flexibility and consistency in their childcare arrangements.

The only down side of employing a nanny in Australia is that there is no unbiased information source.

Except here!

Having worked as a nanny for 25 years and run a resource service for 9 of those years, I have come across many families who need assistance with choosing their carers and nannies who need support in their sometimes isolating role as a homebased child carer.

Nanny childcare is on the tip of the tongue for many interested parties, now the idea of a nanny subsidy has been floated in Australia.

To support parent in sourcing, selecting, screening and securing their home based childcare, I have created The Exceptional Nanny. 

With a range of services available and the perfect tool to keep communications flowing between parent and nanny – The Exceptional Nanny Organiser, I seek to ensure nannies stay with families in the long term to provide consistent care for children.

If you are needing some advice about nanny arrangements, don’t struggle with the process.
Please get in touch on 0448 018 136 and I’ll be happy to answer any queries you have.


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