Business Planning

It’s a sunny afternoon in October 2014 and I’ve just walked in the door after picking up my rugrats after school.

I spent a couple of hours today with an AMAZING lady, who is creating a fabulous healing centre here on the sunny coast.

She is brilliant at what she does, but can’t seem to get the word out about what she has to offer – which is what I LOVE to do.

Brainstorming is something that I totally revel in. I have a knack of seeing the big picture when people share their stories and dreams of what they would like to do with their business, but have problems with seeing the how.

That’s where I come in. I get excited about this sort of stuff. Like labrador puppy excited.

If you run a home based business and you just aren’t seeing the kind of profits you want, or you’d like to build your business or personal profile – you may need to create a plan to achieve your desired results.r


I can help you with Business Planning sessions and have a brilliant product to assist with setting out a strategic plan to get all the attention you want in your business  My Marketing Planner

A client recently said “What you do so easily is what I find so valuable. I can see the vision I have for my business, but I just can’t seem to organise the path to take to get there. There are so many different voices telling me what to do. When you told me to follow MY ideas and helped me to organise my thoughts and dreams, it all fell into place and now I know what I need to do everyday to be effective in my business. You have freed up my time and my headspace so I can get the important work done. That actually means something.”

So if you’d like some help to get your business seen, get in touch and we’ll get you started straight away.

Marina 0448 018 136